Friday May 6th

Thursday May 5th

DotNetSlackers Open source project "Ajax Data Controls"

Today we have re-launched the open source project "Ajax Data Controls". It is a set of Ajax controls, that work similar the way standard data controls work within ASP.NET. Currently it contains an AjaxRepeater, AjaxGridView and AjaxDataList control. All of these controls can be bound the same way using DataSource and DataBind.


Here's an response to probably the most asked question...

"I have been asked quite a few times by my peers whether I am trying to compete with the Ajax Control ToolKit. Certainly not. The idea of developing these kind of controls strike me long ago when I was deep into the flake development for Pageflakes where the flakes were/still rendered in the client side by getting the data from web service call followed with extensive DHTML operations which includes html string concatation or generic DOM tree building. Certainly it is not a good choice in terms of separating data from UI rendering and at that time, I really missed those rich set of data controls of in the client side. This is the primary difference between AjaxDataControls and ACT, the AjaxDataControls is developed only for Client Centric Development Model of Ajax, on the other hand, the ACT is much more friendly with the Server Centric Development Model. And certainly I want to be in the driver seat in leading the development of these controls, that is why I did not try to submit it to ACT."

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