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Exception Handling Techniques in C# 2.0

Believe me handling exception is one of the toughest things to do for a programmer. It taking your wife for shopping to a very expensive place and allowing her to choose what she wants to buy. :-) Exception handling techniques explained in a best possible way.


OK, Uday joins DotNetKicks 20 hrs ago and immediately submits two articles that HE wrote A YEAR AGO loaded with comments from sock puppets saying things like "omg this is teh awesome!!1" And you people kick one of them onto the front page, complete with a nonsensical misogynist metaphor. DotNetKickers: stop feeding the link whores! Do we really need topics right out of "Learn C# in 24 hours" on the front page?

This is a horrible article.

lol, I would read this if I made programming errors. ;)

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