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Create elegant code with Action delegate and List.ForEach method

Small example of how to use Action delegate to perform some action on all elements of a collection.


wow crazy tip. good post!

Cool stuff! I like it!

You don't even need a delegate to do this sort of thing. Just use a method that has the same signature. For example, I use Regex' IsMatch method all the time with the Filter<T> method of Array.

Regex foo = new Regex(".*Lol.*");

string[] linesThatContainLol = Array.Filter<string>(sourceArray, foo.IsMatch);

1) The tip doesn't specifically cast to the Action delegate, which is what I was implying above
2) I hate emoticons. They must die. Die emoticons die.

@yesthatmcgurk: Nice one. I am kinda amazed this level of tips gets that many kicks but fair enough, the comments make up for it. Here's another one...

string[] a = { "1", "2" };
int[] b = Array.ConvertAll<string,int>(a, int.Parse);

To have automatic emoticon functionality where code may be potentially posted is indeed very wrong.

We're working on this.

the following code cures cancer

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