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A site that should be in every web developers bookmarks: smashingmagaz

Came accross this site and it really is a wealth of resource on all things webby, from inspiration and design, to scripting this is a place a web developer will enjoy Here is a list of their most popular articles: # 80 AJAX Solutions # 80 Professional Typefaces # 70 Expert CSS Ideas # 53 CSS-Techniques # 60 Elegant, Appealing Designs # 50 Beautiful Web-Designs # 50 Simple Web-Designs # 45 Excellent Blog Designs # 45 Fresh, Clean Designs # 30 Dark Designs # 30 Usability Issues # 35 Designers x 5 Questions # 20 Free Icon Sets # 200+ Hotkeys # 170 Developer Ideas So if this place is not in your bookmarks already, its a resource well worth checking out!


Not quite the way I posted it, maybe DNK should replace the LineBreaks should with <br> tags when someone submits a story. It would make the post more readable.

Not bad. I'll keep an eye on that site, but its not .NET related...

Indeed not .NET related directly... But given the skillset of most Net devs (CSS, HTML javascript even web design!), this place is something of value for those .Net developers :)

Looks good, thanks for adding it.

Not .NET related! ;(

Nice sites/posts about development are worth to be kicked here even if they are not .net

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