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Visual Studio 2008 RTM available for download

MSDN subscribers can now download final RTM version of Visual Studio 2008.


That's really great!!!

Well that was amazingly annoying, having installed the beta 2 yesterday :(




Microsoft's website doesn't say anything...

This is only available for Team System MSDN Subscribers, right? I can't see it in my list, but I don't have the Team System subscription (just the "developer edition" version).

When logging in , I get a nice .NET error about Home.aspx not being pre-compiled.

Not all types of MSDN subscriptions can see it yet!

This post also says it:

I talked to the 'online concierge' and they are clueless about this release.... she said the 'pre-compiled' error is a known issue and they were working on it. She said they'll know it has been released when it shows up on the download page.

horrayyyy microsoft!

Am I the only one getting an error trying to access the microsoft subscription page?

It seems to be redirecting through

Error: The file '/home.aspx' has not been pre-compiled, and cannot be requested.

'Server too busy'

Well I guess im not, now im getting a different error:
[HttpException (0x80004005): Server Too Busy]

I guess this was to be expected to some extent.

Yeah, it is being released in phases depending on your MSDN subscription type. "Pro" doesn't have it yet.

I'm download "Pro" right now:

Ah, I see the links on the homepage, now.

All I get is Network error. This working for you?

Yeah, they are utilizing Akamai to handle the demand, if you use links from this page:

You may need to turn off your pop-up blocker to get the Akami plug-in to install.

I guess I should clarify, this is true for MSDN subscribers. I'm not referring to the trial downloads.

I have the plug-in installed. The window comes up showing the progress, but then it errors out.
Probably a firewall thing here at the office.

Could be, especially since it opens multiple connections at a time.

I couldn't get the stupid akami plugin working in ie7...I had to download it in firefox to get it to work...go microsoft!

If your FAQ page on downloading files is this big:
Then you've chosen poorly.

I've tried downloading overnight twice now. Each time it aborted with a fatal error (first time at 66% complete, second at 88%). I never had any problems with the old MSDN download manager. What a waste of bandwidth. :(

Ditto... got all the way to 93% last night. GRRRR. I can't believe there's not a way to continue a download! Especially a 3.3GB one.

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