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Dynamically Applying Themes To Your ASP.Net Site With A Sitemap

Ever run across a web site that used multiple themes, either page by page, or by some sort of grouping, such as the old site, and wondered how to do it in your own ASP.Net site? If so, then what I’m about to show you might be of interest. If not, read on anyway’s.


the page linked, and, well the whole site, does not seem to exist.

nevermind comes up now... temp ineter cloud issues

My site probably just had a bit of a hiccup :)

If anyone has any comments/suggestions/feedbacks about my post, I'd love to hear them.

Yeah, the site is currently down...

Ya, supposably my host's provider is having a few issues. Hopefully they'll have it resolved soon

Please bookmark the site, and check back later on :)

Carl J

The site seems to be back up and running (for now).

I have yet to find anything that does something similar to what I've done (not saying that no one has, or that I'm the first), so if you do decide to check out the post, I'd love to hear your comments/suggestions/feedback.

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