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NServiceBus available on SourceForge

Highly extensible, publish/subscribe, workflow integrated communications framework for .NET recently made open source by Udi Dahan


N is getting to be as annoying as i. How about this idea--Apple puts out a product that doesn't start with an i, and an OSS project in .NET is started that doesn't start with N? Wouldn't that be sweet?

BTW, what the hell is NServiceBus? Can't find much info about it.

It's something very simple that's hard to understand at first. Think of a superb OOD framework that falls flat because it ignores distribution. For instance it makes web client developers happily fall into only writing asynchronous calls through a messaging (MSMQ or WCF) Bus and thus getting the benefits of publish/subscribe pattern. It's not going to be easy to explain here, but might start putting more on sourceforge when/if I start using it. Talking with Udi tomorrow on potential implementation. There's not much on it as it's only just become open source, though it is mature technology.

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