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Terrible headline. Is it that hard to write something like "ScottGu posts about release of ASP.NET 3.5 extensions?" ;(

What does it matter? You knew what it was didn't you?

buried as lame

"What does it matter? You knew what it was didn't you?"

Yes I did. Does that mean everybody else does? No.

If I were complaining that the submitter didn't provide a grammatically-correct, 1000-word summary of the topic at hand, that would be unreasonable.

That they didn't have the desire to even finish a freaking SENTENCE just strikes me as lazy. I've seen spam on this site that has more work put into the description for something of less interest to DNK's visitors. I refuse to apologize for criticizing CRAP when I see it, when submitting something that would have been equally as useful -- possibly more so -- would have taken little additional effort.

There's noise, there's signal, and then there's signal that is so weak that it should be considered noise. Leave the noise for Digg, Slashdot and IMTextingKicks.

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