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Best VS Fonts and Settings EVER

Okay the title is a bit over the top :) Recently I was playing around with the vs settings after reading Scott Hanselman's article on black/white IDE colors and came up with this. Take a look and let me know what you think. Maybe it will be your new color scheme in VS...


Consolas for life!

viva la monaco! :)

I like Consolas, hate the color scheme. Tagged appropriately. ;-)

Times New Roman is da bomb

Serifs can kiss my mofo ass.

Arial, Comic Sans MS and Courier New!

No self respecting programmer should ever use Times New Roman, Courier, or whatever font is used by default in Visual Studio for programming editor. That is a clear sign of not taking thing seriously (you have a bad font, therefor you must write bad code)

If you can't immediately tell the difference between 0 (zero) and O (capitol o), 1 (one) and l (lower l), as well as having clear differentiation between { [ ( and the rest of the special characters at low font size (I don't use a font size bigger than 9), throw the font away. Also, fixed width fonts ONLY!!! You are a programmer reading code for freak sake! Save the other fonts for your blogs.

See here for more detail on programmer fonts:

I prefer to code in Wingdings.

Dunno, may be my aging eyes but "Courier New" looks best to me here:

@cwbrandsma - I see that our sarcasm has flown over your head.

I prefer Rob Conery's one.

@powerrush - if it had wouldn't I have said "you have a bad font, therefor you must write bad code".

But seriously: think of the poor kid who reads a statement like that and foolishly things Times New Roman is l33t. He/she could be scarred for years.

Then again, does any kid say l33t anymore? Maybe some scarring would be good.

@simoneb I like his quite a bit too -- this just works out a little better for me.

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