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No, you're crazy! (or, the problem with assuming that computer program

An excellent post on how to think about programming as a profession.


I don't care what Jon says... he's crazy! ;)

Oh boy, war on: "if you work for Google, you're going to be concerned with how to make your applications run against huge data sets using large, unreliable computer clusters. "

The paragraph "Computer Programming: A Field, Not A Job Description" sums it up nicely. I loved reading this, but Jon's opinion didn't stop me from looking up some of those interview questions ;)

define: programmer? then define developer and last code monkey? Is it like Dork ->Nerd ->Geek? :D

wisemx - No war intended. That's out of the documentation on Map Reduce - it's designed to work with large clusters of commodity servers, designed to expect and accommodate failures. Maybe better if I'd said "using large clusters of unreliable computers"

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