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The DotNetKicks Effect

An overview of traffic coming from DotNetKicks when an article makes it to the front page.


dotnetkicks is the new *white bread.
*In case you don't get it, ASP.NET is inside the sandwich.

It is great to see the benefit that the site is having, we have a great community here. Cheers!

I second that. The site is very beneficial to the community. I was lucky to hit front page here twice and both times it generated a lot of hits (for my standards) and, what's cooler, great feedback. Kudos to the DNK people, thanks a lot for the site!

Ya, I definitely agree. Thanks for writing/maintaining this site guys :)

Kind of like the "digg" effect since essentially this is a digg "clone", right? :)

The only websites that get crashed by DNK traffic are ones built on Ruby-on-Rails :p

DotNetKicks is great but I'm afraid it's going to hit the wall digg when it became insanely popular.

I wrote a sort of response to this article in my blog

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