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The DotNetKicks Effect - Enjoy While it Lasts

DotNetKicks is great source of .NET related information but is it going to survive the shortcomings of "digg" concept?


Hope everyone that reads this subscribes to the Upcoming Stories RSS feed and spends a small amount of time each day kicking anything decent. I'm not convinced that DotNetKicks will end up like Digg due to the very different audience and topics covered, but it still draws attention to the fact that the more we all participate in the process, the better DotNetKicks potentially is.


My vote for this article is a vote for awareness that browsing the "Upcoming Stories" (in the top right of site) is critical for the DNK community to stay as a qualitative authority on .Net related news and info.

lets see... majority Digg users = complete tools who have nothing better to do than bitch about the internet
majority DNK users = cool smart programmers who are here to learn new stuff

apples & oranges?
hashtables & arrays?

u decide.

This is not the same, because of the "niche" audience this is trying to target. .NET will continue to grow as it becomes the "go to framework" fore more new and upcoming MS projects (i.e. Silverlight). However, u are never going to reach 10 million hits per day on dotnetkicks :)

Having said all that, you might get some of the "bias" as the site gains in popularity whether it be from developers from a certain region (India) or from certain popular .net apps (theblogengine...didn't 5 different themes make the top page in consecutive days) ? :)

One solution could be to make votes that come from Upcoming Stories have more of an impact than those that come from the button on a post.

Front page could also be redesigned to promote the upcoming links more. Maybe one column for popular ("front paged") kicks and another for Upcoming links. Or at least 10 latest upcoming links.

I usually just follow the Kick Spy!,, to spot latest links and another activity, like comments.

Most people on digg, are just angry liberal apple fan boys. And during my time their, my IQ dropped 15 points. I'm building it back up, but I no longer go there. Kinda beside the point. Oh well.

"there" crap. I hate when I insult the IQ of others then proceed to have 50 grammar and spelling errors. See guys, this is why you don't go there! Before I spoke perfect English!

Good idea, Jemm.

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