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Richard Feynman, the Challenger, and Software Engineering

When Richard Feynman investigated the Challenger disaster, he issued a brilliant report with many insights into the nature of engineering. These apply directly to modern software development. Not sure if this one is on topic - it's about general software engineering.


hurray, we have a Richard Feynman tag!

A good read, thanks for posting.

You're very welcome. I'm glad it was within the 'range' of topic. cheers.

This is exactly was [attempting] to get at with one of my key points in my article

As Feynman points out "Therefore, as expected, many different kinds of flaws and difficulties have turned up. Because, unfortunately, it was built in the TOP-DOWN [emphasis mine] manner, they are difficult to find and fix."

In my article I make reference to TDD being a [wholly] TOP-DOWN approach: "Indeed, since DIP is at the heart of the TOP-DOWN [emphasis mine] approach of TDD, it does incidentally enforce IoC, but that comes at the price of potential overhead."

Unfotunately, I forgot to make my further point of how a wholly top-down approach can be dangerous. Fenyman makes the point better than I could, anyway.

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