Friday May 6th

Thursday May 5th

Write more empty lines! They will be read!

Using empty lines in source code may seem like a waste of precious screen space, but it's crucial to writing readable code.


No offense to Philippe but that's messed up.
Where's my "kill code whitespace" icon when I need it?

Sometimes it helps -- sometimes it annoys me depends on how it's used.

You're lucky I don't have to do your code reviews :D

People that can't write "5k" code don't get to review my beautiful code. :-)

Definitely something I do to help read my own code (usually to group related code or to designate how far down a particular comment applies), but I don't use it dogmatically nor follow a particular set of "insert blank line when" rules.

It's all a matter of preference for the most part but readability is definitely at the top of priorities for everyone.
In C++ I always used simple breaks, tabbing was never my style, but I did work along side some big-time tab nuts. :-)

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