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IE8, Microsoft and the Reverse Fanboys

As the beta test of IE8 recently became available we are quickly approaching the release of another version of Internet Explorer. Much frustration has been expressed about the issues (or supposed issues ) in this beta. Some of this concern is definitely understandable, however, I think some of the negativity is present just because IE is a Microsoft product.


I'm not a MS hater by any means, but the beta is still very, very BETA. On both my XP and Vista machines it crashed within minutes of the first attempt to use it. Overall installation time for me was about 10 mins before I dropped back to IE7.

You are right it is very much in a beta test... as a beta tester, did you report the crash?

Also, was it on google maps? I mentioned crash on vista IE8 on the beta feedback site.

Weird. I'm running the latest IE8 beta on my home vista box. I turned off ie8 rendering, tho, because of how some of my regular haunts were being rendered.

I'm a bigger fan of Maxthon2 than any of the other browser flavors out there.

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