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Over 250 High Quality Royalty Free icons set

Free Icon Download Offers High Quality Royalty Free icons for Windows, Mac and Linux.


Very nice, thanks for posting.

still can't top the famfamfam Silk series:

These are nice, but they aren't Icons; .ico files I mean. And, they are really small at on 10x10 pixels. The famfamfam silk icons aren't much better at 16x16 pixels.
Does anyone know where there are nice icons like this that are at least 32x32 or 48x48, and possibly actual .ico icons?

crpietschmann there is a mix of icons available at the site. Some as large if not larger than what you are looking for and in the .ico format. Look around a bit more you might find what you need. Excellent site.

Photoz: Beat silk? No it cant, because thats not the objective of the site. As ahsteele writes, its a link-collection to all kinds of free icons. Silk is included on the site.

"crpietschmann" icons are icons. You can convert them to the ico-format yourself pretty easy.

Great site btw

Yknow, you can google this sht 24/7. Not very .NET based.

That belongs on like design float or something :) Don't get me wrong they're great icons.

So l33t yesthatmcgurk, but can google create a nice site, with previews, direct downloads etc? No.

I agree, nothing here to see about .net - move along...

So you dont need any icons in your winforms or webforms? Poor users!

And by the way, if you dont think this should be on this site, you have misunderstood how this site works. We, the community, decides what should be shown here.

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