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Windows Hosting rates are killing developers and Students... Is Micros

I was shocked to get an email today morning from my close buddy, now can be called as a free lancer. He informed me that he had said a life long "goodbye" to Microsoft platform for ever, since he was constantly losing more money on hosting charges and some times even had to pay from his own pocket to survive. He informed me that he shall be working with Open Source Languages now onwards, and he did not regret a bit to leave Microsoft career for ever. He was keen to survive today, rather than be remembered as an .Net developer tomorrow. He used to be a C# Genius, and have been working on big projects.


Are these people high?
Top of the line 1&1 linux hosting: 399/mo;jsessionid=D847FC818A8B546E49AC1F5B2D9675A5.TC60b?__frame=_top&__lf=Static

Top of the line 1&1 windoze hosting: 419/mo;jsessionid=D847FC818A8B546E49AC1F5B2D9675A5.TC60b?__frame=_top&__lf=Static

Savings gained by coding in VI rather than VS: 15$ a month

Yeah, I'd agree that it's pretty far out of tune with reality. The hosting situation might have been rough a few years ago, but not anymore.

I don't 100% agree with the author but in my experience I can get a decent LAMP host for a testing server (like the kind of host a college student would want) for about 10 dollars + a month less than MS. Now, that's not a big deal but in college completely different story...

Yeah, I guess they've never heard of DiscountASP.NET or

Those nuts are paying more for Pizza each week than they're willing to pay for Windows Server 2008 for one month, go figure.
God help us when they have kids and go looking for a baby sitter. (8-|)

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