Friday February 5th

ScottGu: Unit Testing with Silverlight

One of the important capabilities we shipped with the Beta1 release of Silverlight 2 was a unit test harness that enables you to perform both API-level and UI-level unit testing. This testing harness is cross browser and cross platform, and can be used to quickly run and verify automated unit tests.


ScottGu is awesome. Don't get me wrong -- the man is amazing. But it seems like every single post he writes automatically comes to DNK. Just something I noticed...

You haven't been around very long, have you? ;)

99.9% of his posts do come to DNK, but more significantly, that 99.9% get published as well. Some posts are excellent and most are good. Granted, most of his link posts are, meh.

Celebrity gets you far in this world. At least Scott has real talent.

Been around quite a while... maybe too long. :)

I was just thinking though, that since I already subscribe to his blog, I see (almost) everything twice. And if I subscribe to his blog, a fair amount of DNK readers probably do as well.

I'm not saying there's a problem that needs a solution. Just pointing out what is already obvious.

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