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Browser Beta Battle IE8 vs Firefox 3.0b5

A quick comparison of page load times on IE8 vs Firefox 3.0b5


I know it's cool to love firefox, so I hate to remove myself from the cool people, but firefox blows, and using it just because it's not microsoft is stupid. I use it for the plugins, and the web development testing, but IE8 is a much more stable, less-memory using browser. Firefox just re-did their engine too, so here comes all new bugs

I don't quite get what that has to do w/ this article but thanks for the comment. :)
This is probably more along the lines of what you would like to point out something like that on

nah I posted it in the right section :) just sayin.... your lucky it had to do w/ browsers, I was really in the mood to talk about elephants.

Hardly scientific and thorough... I realize you mentioned that in your post, but I think it needs repeating.

To each their own. :D

Ya, that was definitely one of the first things I said :)


Pages load fast enough for me in any browser

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