Thursday May 5th

Wednesday May 4th

A .NET Cryptography Primer, part 1

First in a series of blog posts geared towards .NET developers with not much experience in Cryptography, concentrating more on code than on theory. First installment covers managed/unmanaged and encodings.


Gosh, I wonder if a comment or two will kick this to the front page?

Covering one-way hashing, symmetric and asymmetric stuff in two or more posts later.

It was a very good post -- do comments effect front page status?

Man... talk about fishing...

Very cryptic post ;)

Comments do effect a story's score:

private static int GetStoryScore(Story story, Host host) {
int score = 0;
score += story.KickCount * host.Publish_KickScore;
score += story.CommentCount * host.Publish_CommentScore;
System.Diagnostics.Trace.WriteLine("Pub: Score of [" + score + "] for storyID " + story.StoryID);
return score;

heheeh... It could have been worse. I could have created fifteen fake accounts, or had my friends join to kick.

I could ask _all_ my friends to kick my posts, too! Unfortunately that would guarantee only one additional kick at best... :S

@yesthatmcgurk We don't need a "State Street Gang... er... Mafia" Okay, so it doesn't work so well in your case.

I like it. I'll call them... the Gangalos. Fingerpaint on the face is a must.

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