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Gravatar, please bring back PNG files!

Gravatar recently made some big changes when migrating their web application. While most of these changes are a real benefit, there is one big feature that has been removed -- PNG files are no longer supported!


Hopefully they add this back in but they basically told me jpg is the only file type they support.


It's just really a shame -- I like gravatar... it's kind of confusing that they woudl do that.

Sigh... time for pavatar to become the defacto standar finally?

standarD... with a D. I'm an idiot

Thanks for the heads up on Pavatar -- I didn't even realize that existed.

Its not nearly as widely used as Gravatar so that isn't surprising, but is imho a much better option...

I wish it was used more then =\

Pavatar is nice, but appears to require you host your own website (or at least have a page somewhere on the internets). Most numbnuts don't have this.

What we need is an avatar service that tricks Google images to host your avatar for you.

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