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Comprehensive Comparson of 7 Popular JavaScript/Ajax Frameworks

After four days of ASP.NET AJAX training with Stephen Walther I set out to learn more about my options in choosing a solution for a JavaScript/Ajax framework. If I realized days later I would be writing this comprehensive post on 7 of the most popular frameworks, I may have just went with the "Inny-Minny-Miney-Moe" method! I decided to share my research, analysis, links, resources, and personal grade for each of the frameworks compared - jQuery, YUI, Prototype, Dojo, MooTools, Ext JS, and I put together a comparison matrix to illustrate where many of the frameworks differ...


Errr Comparison* :P

In my opinion jQuery takes the prize. The library is so easy to use and it saves a lot of development time.

Oh, and YUI is a bloated pile of junk.

How do you really feel loern? :D

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