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Microsoft Project Code Named “Velocity” CTP1

From Overview: "Velocity is a distributed in-memory application cache platform for developing scalable, available, and high-performance applications. It can be configured to run as a service accessed over the network or can be run embedded with the distributed application. “Velocity” includes an ASP.NET session provider object enabling storage of ASP.NET session objects in the distributed cache without having to write to databases, which increases the performance and scalability of ASP.NET applications."


Very nice... I am looking forward to this product now. We have been looking at distributed caching for our domain objects in a web farm scenario, and have been evaluating similar products. Would be interested to find out when they are expecting to go RTM to see if it fits in with our product roadmap.

More info is on their blog at:

We at alachisoft as developers of NCache are really happy that Microsoft has decided to enter this arena. For years we have been trying to spread awareness about distributed caching on our own. Now that Microsoft has announced its arrival, things will undoubtedly become much more interesting.

NCache has been in the market for more than three years. It is a highly scalable, reliable and high performance object and session caching solution and people in various fortune 500 companies are using it right now as this post is being read. With its wide range of features NCache delivers today what velocity promises tomorrow.

You can start evaluating NCache today as there is a 60 day trial period for the enterprise and developer editions. There is also a totally free version called NCache Express that can be downloaded from

Paul Jones
Team NCache

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