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Gold Coast : WPF and Virtual Earth revisited

I worked on a more creative/reusable approach to hosting Virtual Earth in a WPF application. If you have looked at any of my previous samples showing how to host Virtual Earth in a WPF app, you'll recall I was using the WinForms WebBrowser control to host an html page that in turn hosts Virtual Earth. Additionally, I used the WebBrowser control's ability to enable communication between managed code and JavaScript. One of the frustrations with this approach is that when using WinForms interop, all WinForms controls take the highest z-order in your app which means you cannot render WPF elements on top of the map. The other thing that has always bothered me about my sample is although it showed how to implement the general approach, it did not wrap all the functionality into a reusable WPF Virtual Earth control. Good news! I have an updated sample.


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