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Would you put cartoons on your software startup's website?

We have strong opinions against stock photography for a corporate website, and went with an unconventional strategy for a software development firm. We've just revamped our website home page and wanted to invite you to visit it and let us know what you think.


Would I? Would I? Well, I really don't know. But I think you should've put some male characters into the mix instead of all females. ;)

Not really DNK releated, but kicked for inspiration of thought.

I don't really think this is the kind of thing that belongs on DNK...

WTH is with the marketing shill links?

@Arakiel: It isn't marketing... it's a discussion! To make you happy, we're about to post a detailed article w/ src code.

My initial reaction was that this was just a marketing link, but after I read it through it does cover some good topics. I once had a sales guy at the company take over the web site and drop tons of stock photography onto the site and start selling .NET Nuke installations. It was all very cookie cutter even though our business was to do consulting with custom software development. I think the point made with this posting is very helpful. A shop that does custom software development should not have a bland web site.

Definitively, yes

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