Tuesday May 3rd

Monday May 2nd

I hate Vista. I'm moving to Windows Mojave.

So I've heard the bad press. I've seen the pc vs. mac ads. I've heard my friends' complaints about crashing, security, and speed. That's why I'm moving to Windows Mojave. It seems Microsoft finally got an OS right.



Hahah, I love it. So true. Way to go MS. A lot of whiny folks were shown to have nothing but hollow objections based on public perception, not actual experience.

And of course, the pro-Linux, anti-MS high horse techno zealots jumped on the anti-Vista bandwagon. Combine that with the Mac ads and the initial driver compat problems, and you have Vista today: a pretty good OS, but a marketing and PR nightmare.

MS will learn a lesson from this.

When I opened the mojave experiment web site I thought that they are using Silverlight but it turns out it's Flash :)

This is bad science.

Of course people are going to give good feedback when the hardware is set up for them and they have experts hanging on their shoulders.

Nonsense. These were the outspoken critics of Vista given a blind test. They had every opportunity to criticize, and even had done so earlier.

The previous reviews were obviously clouded by public perception. A blind test was precisely what was needed.

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