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ReSharper Releases 4.01 Beta 1 as EAP Build 917 – Download Here

On the heels of their 4.0 release which further cemented their utter dominance as the must have Visual Studio 2008 augmentation for true enterprise development, their not resting in the least. Click here to download the new EAP post 4.0 beta 1 release of 4.01 (a maintenance focused release). Please participate by providing your experiences to JetBrains so they can evolve this work into another solid must have upgrade. Click here to join their issue tracker as well as newsgroups. We’re using this release with great success (however we do not use the VB.NET aspects so no comment there). Also make sure to check out the add-ins for 4.0 here.


overall a nice stable pre-release. Recommended.

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