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AJAX On Demand Loading using GridView and CollapsiblePanelExtender

How to Building on demand Master/Detail grouping Grid with GridView and ASP.NET AJAX toolkit CollapsiblePanelExtender


Hi Mose,
newly you posted Gridview expand and collapase using ajax which is not working.
it is not identifying ajaxtool kit and OnExpand event also.
could u send latest one with expand all option

Cool article!

I found a bug, on the first page, after you expend every order by click the "+" button, and then try to click the Page 2 hyperlink, the next page will show as a blank page, any idea for how to fix it?



Have the above user mentioned problems been corrected? If so please advise. Also some details in the ASP.Net article are missing, such as declarations,
indication of when code is a c# server side class versus something written client side. Otherwise it's a really good article and will help me.

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