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The Agile 800 Pounds Gorilla

I woke up this morning and I was Agile. We are all Agile now. Or we are gonna become Agile. Soon. No doubt about it. It is an order. And orders are not to be discussed, just executed. The Enterprise goes Agile! With the elegance of the huge battleship being pulled across a desert between oceans by slaves, camels and elephants, the Enterprise goes Agile.


Good one. I like the little song. They would've sang it at my last job. It was so mind bending I didn't even try to extend my contract. I can't give names but think big consulting firm :)

This whole agile thing starts to smell as a rush for gold :( I herd that RUP is agile bs lately and I had a nervous laugh.

Wow somebody that doesn't like agile craze and admits it :)

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