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Google Browser: Chrome

has a good comic book to explain their design and features.


Noooo, yet another brower to support....

HTML rendering should be fine since it's webkit (so if it looks right in Safari, it will probably look right in Chrome). JavaScript is another story. Hopefully their engine is compatible with existing implementations.

Exactly my thoughts. Great, yet another browser. Now we've got IE6, IE7, IE8, FF2, FF3, Opera, Safari, and now Chrome. Eesh. I'm moving to Silverlight.

If it can further reduce the market share of IE it will be worth it.

If IE8 replaces all the old IE's, then the situation won't be so bad anymore... I switched and like it so far :)

An unlimited number of standards compliant browsers would be no big deal. Right now, if you develop for FireFox, Safari, or Opera first, you rarely need to make any changes for the others to work. IE is all that causes cross browser compatibility to be so painful. Chrome shouldn't have any negative impact on the situation (and potentially great positive improvements).

Is there no way to enable the Status Bar in chrome?? I really miss it :(

Otherwise it looks very impressive, I would probably switch if it had a status bar.

WoW over 100 projects in ONE solution

the status bar shows up when it's loading something. .. it just doesn't stay in place :)

Are you serious? They start a new process when you open a new tab? If so, that's just ridiculous.

I played around with Chrome last night for a few minutes and I agree with M.Gorney that it feels half-baked. I really don't understand why people have put so much emphasis on Google. Other than their search engine, they haven't released anything that was that was impressive to me. I like GMail, but it had a really slow start and I still don't care for the UI (though I have to admit that it's better than Hotmail or Yahoo). Like anything else Google has released, it feels rushed out the door and for no good reason.

If somebody is going to release another browser, it really needs to be innovative in some way. From my first impression, it feels like Chrome is far behind even IE7 in functionality. And Firefox 3.0.x is so far out of its league that you can't even compare them.

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