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70-551 is the wrong upgrade path because it is hard!

Hi there, I've planned my 70-551-UPGRADE: MCAD Skills to MCPD Web Developer by Using the Microsoft .NET Framework for next friday, but today I've found something that got me al little bit worried and confused Frown. Gerry O'Brien writes the following: Initially, we had a path from MCAD to MCPD Web or MCPD Windows, but we found that the fail rate was rather high. A part of that reason revolves around what I think, in that the MCAD is not qualified to be an MCPD yet. We are restructuring the exam story and recommending a different upgrade path depending on whether you are an MCAD or and MCPD. These are the requirements anyway for the 70-551 exam according to Satish: Exam is divided into 3 section and totally contains 88 questions and need to score 700 to pass. Failing in one section will result in failing all sections! 70-536 (Section 1) 30 questions 70-528 (Section 2) 28 questions 70-547 (Section 3) 30 questions This is one of the tough paper to pass and the passing rate is very low. Gerry O'Brien also states at the following: So, does this mean that exams 70-551 and 70-552 are going away? Absolutely not. If you are an MCAD and you want to attempt these exams, by all means feel free to do so. We recommend that MCSD candidates take these exams but that MCAD candidates concentrate on the 70-558 or 70-559 exams. Part of the reason for this change is to help make these certifications a little more clear. The original upgrade story appeared to be a somewhat limiting. Also, keep in mind that the MCAD and MCSD certifications will have their requisite exams retired in March of 2009. That means you will no longer be able to acquire the MCAD or MCSD credential. If you don’t have it already, or maybe you are part way there but ready to give up and just go the “start my 2.0/3.5 from scratch” route, reconsider that and look at these upgrade exams. This could help shorten your certification path.


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