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Expose New Linq Operations from the HashSet<T> Performance Monster

Linq is not just about databases. It’s about reading the registry, your hard-disk, or even a list of function pointers to be invoked. Linq is about more event then sets (collections). It’s about making tasks easier in many cases and vastly more powerful (and most importantly your code more readable and maintainable at the same time). It’s astounding just how fast the HashSet<T> collection is. This post will show how to gain additional power that is fully supported from Microsoft which is often overlooked, yet it can solve some of the hardest problems (especially around performance however don’t prematurely optimize!). Linq, HashSet, ORM, NHibernate, Linq to NHibernate, Linq Undocumented, Functional Programming, .NET 3.5


Totally screaming performance with new linq operations to boot.. A deal... But you must be in 3.5

TRY THIS IN REGEDT32! This is actually exposing an incredibly powerful way to find items in your registry in lightening speed. Just extended the sample code to show this off with 4x more records in the search. It's crazy how the normal tradeoff between speed and ease of use is not almost irrelevant.

The code looks complex but I like the picture.

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