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Herding Code #17:Matt Podwysocki on F# and Functional Programming

This week Matt Podwysocki puts the fun in functional programming with a deep dive into F#. We’ve heard plenty of high level discussions of F# and functional programming lately, so we tried to dig into the gory details as much as possible: * What is functional programming, and why should we care? * Types of applications that would and wouldn’t benefit from F# * How F# differs from C# 3.x and Javascript * How F# is being used (games, scripting, data analysis and scrubbing, etc.) * F# pattern matching * Using F# in your C# or VB based applications today * Getting started: F# Interactive, reading the F# source, books and resources * Interaction with DLR * Functional features we’d like to see in C# and VB * Spec# and Sing#


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