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‘Linq to Gac’ : Use Linq to Power Query your Gac via C# to Fusion

This post gets the GAC via Linq to bend your way. How? A Fusion Wrapper to IEnumerable over your Gac. No nasty PInvokes to deal with. It's all clean C# which is here to use. We owe a debt to the Mono project for this as well as a very smart Microsoft staff member to be give credit when we can find the page again. Be careful however...Our last post cranked through your registry. This post gets you the GAC. Here is what is done with a holistic post later: * All files we can find (if you specify them) * The Gac (all of it and even the other two ‘sub-gacs’ if you want * Environmental Stuff (Path variable, etc. but we actually parse them and produce another tree and it fits our code) * A lot more (think all things inside you box) You can even join all this data if you can find the right keys. We joined our registry to our file system ‘where the registry key value as a path’ (where is was a valid path) didn’t exist. Earth-shattering? No. Faster then any virus checker we’ve tried? ABSOLUTELY. Relevant to virus checkers? No not really actually….


Looking back at this it is pretty cool actually.. We might even use it for practical 'work' related tasks!

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