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Drawing Custom Borders in Windows Forms,<br />Part Three: Introducing

Almost a year ago I've published first two articles titled "Drawing Custom Borders in Windows Forms" and they turned out to be the most successful part of my blog with almost 13 000 web views (however barely 2 000 people made through to the second part), 86 comments and almost 3 000 downloads till date. If so many people seem to be interested I guess it's about time to give you something new. I've been using this code in my own project for a while and was always told how cool it looks compared to other applications. However, there were also some people asking why wouldn't we do a full skinning engine and let people choose the skins themselves. Until now, I was excusing myself that there is no more time for such nonsense. What changed my mind? If you are using Infragistics NetAdvantage you already know what's coming from them in next release. In short I've got inspired by what they've done and in order not to fell behind I've decided to add my own skin support.


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