Friday May 6th

Thursday May 5th

Microsoft Announces Visual Studio 2010. Developers Respond.

Microsoft's development environment offers new tools for Agile development, software testing enhancements and improved support for cloud computing. Microsoft showed a sneak peek, and the author invited developers to chime in with their feedback.


I'd be willing to pay almost any amount if they would release VS 2010 with NO other feature other than it is 10x faster. Building ASP.NET and switching between HTML view and design view I plan on waiting at least 1 minute. It is getting SLOWER and SLOWER with each release :(

I would love to have VSTS, but it's so expensive that most companies I know of aren't spending the money.

I happen to know that Microsoft is reading the comments on that article. So you might actually get someone to listen if you post a response there.


DNK needs downmod

this is a useless puff piece and provides no value to CIOs or Developers.

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