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Client Side ASP.NET ListView Sorting via jQuery TableSorter Plugin Dem

I was recently asked to provide sorting on a ListView that I knew needed it, but had left off originally because I was having trouble with the way I normally handle sorting ListViews with this particular page. This led me to searching for another way. I think what I came up with may replace the way I have been handling user requested sorting (all server side) up until now. What I found was the jQuery TableSorter plugin plus a few extras. The plugin, like just about all jQuery plugins is really easy to use. You just point it at your table and it does the rest (make sure your table has thead and tbody tags though). Of course there are many options that you can set for your particular situation. Check out the demo.


I love listviews, I love pure css mark up, and almost zero work to do client side programming that is very functional and fitting, definitely kicked.

Good stuff.

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