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Disable view duplicates search functionality

Business requirement: Disable view duplicates search functionality When performing a search query in SharePoint, the search results group duplicate search results by default. For me it is unclear which criteria make SharePoint think some search results are duplicates for each other, and hence make SharePoint group them together as one search result. This can be pretty confusing, as end-users not always are finding back everything because some stuff is hidden away in such a grouped search result. For example, ungrouping the above search result reveals following hidden search results: For me, these files shouldn't be grouped together as duplicates in the search results: these files are financial reports for different quarters. The filename as the title of these files are different, nevertheless SharePoint groups these files as duplicates in the search results. End-users not so familiar with SharePoint may overlook the View duplicates link in the search results: as such they may start complaining that they don't find some files they've uploaded before (f.e. here: they may complain they don't find the financial report for Q3-04). Solution: Disable view duplicates search functionality


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