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RIA in Sharepoint: Silverlight with 3D Extended DeepZoom - so cool

NOTE: There is an interesting contest to find an image in this. Check the post. Long story short, this is an effort to bring RIA to the SharePoint world. But not just RIA style usability, I believe we pushed the envelope even further by incorporating not only DeepZoom (SeaDragon) for ‘zoom in to the pixel’ resolution, but the 3D extensions not present by default (you have the essentials but only the amazingly talented people behind the Hard Rock Memorabilia site (vertigo) have shown this style of combined zoom/3d that we have seen in any largely deployed sample)


Nothing like this exists we have seen, at least not for SharePoint and not in the form of a Silverlight Control usable in any Silveright app (Sharepoint or not). Deep Zoom lacks a 3D API so we leveraged our knowledge of WPF to 'make it so'.

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