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NHibernate Query Analyzer for NHibernate 1.2 GA

NHibernate Query Analyzer is a tool to allow you to pick into the internal of NHibernate guts. The current feature set offers: * The ability to view the results from an HQL query in both tabular and object graph formats. * Support for lazy collections. * On the fly error checking for HQL statements. * Support for parametrized queries. * Smart error checking for schema violations and helpful messages about how to fix them. * The editors for configuration and mapping files are both more pleasing to the eye and much better in regard to such things as accurate error reporting. * The editors will try to help you when they know what kind of information you should input to the class. * Using NHiberante 0.8.4, the latest released package. If you don't know what NHiberante is: NHibernate is an object to relational library based on Java's Hibernate that takes much of the burden of routine data access from the developer.


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