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Introducing the ASP.NET MVC (Part 1) - The Model-View-Controller Patte

About a month and a half ago I announced that I am writing a book, I was really overwhelmed by the amount of support that I received from this announcement. Both myself and Al are really looking forward to the day when this book ships, and we start receiving real feedback on all our hard work. However, both of us would like to start receiving feedback as soon as possible, so… In an effort to write the book and keep blogging, I decided to open source the last chapter, Chapter 2, that I have to write. I am doing this so I can receive feedback on this chapter as early as possible. Because this chapter, in my opinion, is probably the most critical of the book, it defines the context around ASP.NET MVC and how it differs from ASP.NET Web Forms, as well as giving a historical perspective of the MVC pattern.


I did a little write up on choosing Asp.Net WebForms vs Asp.Net MVC:

Hope it is useful.

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