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Saving DotNetKicks

Keyvan wrote something about our popular social bookmarking site, DotNetKicks and talked about some spamming problems on DNK and discussed about saving DNK from this situation. A must read post for all DotNetKicks lovers!


I feel that DotNetKicks really needs two things:

1) It needs to know it's target audience and cater to them. This is what differentiates DotNetKicks from other sites like DZone and Programming Reddit. I feel like DotNetKicks is the perfect place for everyday .NET programmers to post blogs and share information.

2) It needs a revamp. This site is great but it's been going downhill over the last year and clearly needs some love. I mean the even C# category link is still broken and I reported that practically a year ago.

"I reported that practically a year ago"

Patches are welcome too ;-)

"It needs a revamp"

It certainly does. I have some time to contribute to the project over the next few weeks. Keep an eye on the SVN feed, some improvements are coming.

I wish I had more time to contrib, but the last year's worth of projects have had be too busy. I'm keeping my eyes open for any free time so I can try to jump back in to help out again.

I wasn't even aware that DotNetKicks was an open project. Is the ad revenue for site maintenance only or is someone profiting?

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