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How to get remote debugging to work successfully

FTA:"After much time, trial and error, I was finally able to get Visual Studio's remote debugging features to work. In my travels around the Internet, no one seems to have compiled all the steps to make the process work successfully and seemlessly into one page, this is my attempt."


It doesn't really say anything other than "do all the tips in this msdn article" :P

sontek, I disagree. The first step says do the stuff in the MSDN article, but then it tells you the rest of the steps that I found scattered around the net for getting it to actually work. Have you ever tried to do remote debugging with .NET? BTW, I'm the author of the blog post.

I do have the same doubt so far.The suggestion to overcome the remote debugging with the help of .NET? seems to be a questionable one.Some would have tried this really,if so do reply me the result....
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