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SQL SERVER - Rules for Optimizining Any Query - Best Practices

This subject is very deep subject but today we will see it very quickly and most important points. May be following up on few of the points of this point will help users to right away improve the performance of query. In this article I am not focusing on in depth analysis of database but simple tricks which DBA can apply to gain immediate performance gain.


As usually I love it.

I kind of doubt your opinions sometime but this time... good.

It will be really good that if you guys would share your own opinion at original blog post.


...Several things you mentioned in the article are controversial at best.
Makes me wonder if you are simply fishing for comments/input with this one.

SqlAuthority is a nice blog for beginner/intermediate info on SQL. There isn't much original content there.

Specifically to this article, I agree with the post above...these "rules" really depend on the type of databases you create and maintain. Databases with complex business process, read-only databases, high write/read databases, 64/32 bit and enterprise/standard versions, sql that is multi platform (Oracle, SQL), data warehouses etc all has different best practicses and rules.

Saying that you need to put an clustered index on a table is a beginner tip. Explaining why you shoul do it with specific examples on how this effects storage, wide tables, nonclustered indexes, seperating in different storage groups would be a nice advanced tip.

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