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Pimping your Win7 Taskbar – Extending the Win7 Taskbar with Managed Co

While the project is still in alpha, but with all the coolness (and hype) around the new Win7 Taskbar, when Hüseyin tweeted me a link to this I thought it was pretty cool. I think the Progress Bars in the new Taskbar is going to be one of those “what did we ever do without this” features of Win7. A small thing, but all big things are really just lots and lots of small things… The new Win7 Taskbar is pretty neat, as is its programmability, but without a Managed wrappers (COM? cough… we’re about to enter the 10’s… cough ;) the bar is pretty high for most of us. Projects like this one will come in very handy in the coming years.


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