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Integrating TypeMock with ASP .NET Unit tests

Ivonna let's you write ASP .NET Unit tests in conjunction with TypeMock


hello sir ....can u suggest me any link which provides me source code of .net tools like gridview,table,listview etc....its humbly asking for my academic proj....thanx

hmm..source code of the .net tools. do u mean the source code that <i>uses</i> the .net tools or the actual ASP .NET framework source code for the gridview, etc. If it's the latter then Reflector if what you are looking for. It let's disassemble a DLL and look at its source code. The DLL for gridview would be System.Web.UI.

If you are just looking for how to use a gridview then simply google it up! Something like, asp .net gridview getting started, ought to do.

Hope this helps!

ya...noorani...i am not eager to know how to use gridview ....:)
i m explaining my dilemma;
i m working on my academic proj on workflow mgmt system ...where i m creating a tool for devloper/admin.
defi as follows

the system provides a dynamic template to admin...once the admin put require info of desire workflow then system ready to serve .
eg --> if admin want to create a leave template.
admin only put some info like new template name,reqiure fields,datatypes,allow null ,constraints n from that system shows a view of his template...After confirm that the template is ready for workflow ...that's it......

Now i have to serve same GUI as ms studio has....means if admin select field name -->items & control --> list view/ grid view ,at that time which code generates on coding file which adhere these control and show him view of grid/list???

i know some grotesque to describe...but hope u understand my prob ....thanx sir

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