Thursday February 11th

Wednesday February 10th

Interesting Observation - Effect of Clustered Index over Nonclustered

Query optimization is one art which is difficult to master. Just like any other art this requires creativity and imagination as well understanding of subject matter. Let us look at interesting observation which I came across. In our example we have one query which is not using any index. On the same table there is already nonclustered index created, which is also not being used. Now when we created clustered index on the same table, our query suddenly started to use nonclustered index which was so far it is not using. The interesting part of this is that query is using nonclustered index when clustered index is created on the same.


Interesting, where do you get this kind of ideas?

Not sure how useful this observation is since the example is only using 5 rows in the table. I imagine you'd see different behavior from the query optimizer if there were more rows in the table.

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