Tuesday May 3rd

Monday May 2nd

Announcing TeamCity.CodeBetter.com

CodeBetter – in collaboration with JetBrains, IdeaVine, and Devlicio.us – is proud to announce the launch of TeamCity.CodeBetter.com – a continuous integration server farm for open source projects. JetBrains is generously supporting our community efforts by funding the monthly costs of the server farm and providing a TeamCity Enterprise license. Volunteers from CodeBetter, IdeaVine, and Devlicio.us are administering the servers and setting up OSS projects on the build grid.


Already on board:
* Fluent NHibernate
* MassTransit
* NHibernate
* Ninject
* Rhino Tools (including Rhino Mocks, Rhino Commons, Rhino ServiceBus, …)
* Story Teller
* Structure Map

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