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Fluent NHibernate new style mappings - powerful semantics

So today I updated to the latest build of Fluent NHibernate. As any of you who might have done the same have discovered there are some breaking changes. I wasn’t sure I liked the new class based conventions at first, especially since it wasn’t clear at first how to tackle altering my mappings. Then it dawned on me how powerful the conventions would end up being while also promoting DRY.


This project is almost as good as ASP.NET MVC =)

the only "issue" we have right now is the decision whether to write "DDD Visual mapping/generator tool" for Fluent Nhibernate ourselves, whether to use existing designer (Entity Framework?) and T4 transformation templates (more in excellent David Hayden L2S post) or whether to wait for "nforge community" to surprise us with baking it together on already finished projects (active writer) which would be imho the quickest way.

Sadly there's no "Visual DDD tool" project started for fluent Nhibernate and it really screams for it...

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