Wednesday February 10th

Tuesday February 9th

New CodePlex project: MvcSiteMap – ASP.NET MVC sitemap provider

If you have been using the ASP.NET MVC framework, you possibly have been searching for something like the classic ASP.NET sitemap. After you've played with it, you even found it useful! But not really flexible and easy to map to routes and controllers. To tackle that, last year, somewhere in August, I released a proof-of-concept sitemap provider for the ASP.NET MVC framework on my blog. The blog post on sitemap provider I released back then has received numerous comments, suggestions, code snippets, … Together with Patrice Calve, we’ve released a new version of the sitemap provider on CodePlex: MvcSiteMap. This time I’ll not dive into implementation details, but provide you with some of the features our sitemap provider erm… provides.


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